Frost Free Faucets by Woodford - Buy What the Professionals Use
Frost Free Faucets by Woodford - Buy What the Professionals Use

Frost Free Faucets by Woodford Are the Same Faucets Plumbers Use

If you are looking for the best frost free faucet, purchase a Woodford with the unique brown handle that the professionals use. Plumbers have been using Woodford products since 1929 and recognize their quality and durability. We offer several models intended for year-round residential irrigation purposes regardless of outside conditions. Take a look at our popular Woodford Model 17 faucet.

How a Standard Frost-Proof Faucet Works:

When subjected to freezing weather, a typical outdoor faucet will burst when the hose is attached. The reason a faucet tube bursts is not due to the ice build-up, but rather the build-up of water pressure behind the expanding ice block. Bursting pressure for copper tube is around eighteen hundred pounds per square inch. Build-up of water pressure can be in excess of two thousand pounds per square inch, thus causing the tube to burst.

Correct installation requires a downward pitch. Automatically drains with hose removed. Incorrect installation traps water in the tube. Hose left on faucet during freezing weather prevents the water from draining out of the faucet. Thus, the water will freeze and the tube may burst.

The product is designed to be frost-proof when installed properly (with a slight downward pitch) and there is no restriction on the hose nozzle to prevent the faucet from draining. If a hose is attached during freezing weather, water is trapped inside the faucet which may cause the faucet to freeze and burst. WARNING - Faucet must be installed with downward pitch toward nozzle and hose must be removed in freezing weather or faucet may freeze and burst. Not intended for continuous use applications.


The water is shut off several inches into the home. The water line does not freeze because of the heat in the home. The product cannot freeze because there is no water in the faucet. When the valve is turned off, all of the water in front of the valve drains from the faucet leaving the tube empty. Also shown is correct and incorrect installation and a frozen split tube condition when hose is left on during freezing weather.

When a hose or other restriction is left attached, the water cannot drain from the faucet properly. As the temperature drops below freezing, the water in the faucet begins to freeze. The freezing conditions are applied from the outside of the house back toward the interior as the water continues to freeze. Once the water has frozen into the faucet itself, if the faucet has been shut off, there is no relief from this expanding pressure. Eventually the copper tubing will burst to relieve the pressure. No noticeable damage is visible in the home at this time. Only a few drops of water will leak through this bulge at the time of the bursting. Once the weather warms, the ice in the faucet will melt. Since the burst in the tubing is after the shut off valve, water will not leak out of the burst tubing until the water is turned on. Thus, there can be a considerable amount of time between the actual rupture of the tubing and the discovery of the problem.

Frost Free Faucets Provide Protection Against Burst Pipes

We are confident in the protection our frost free faucets will provide to your home. Our Woodford Model 19 faucet includes a patented pressure relief valve (PRV) that prevents bursting during freezing conditions, even if a hose is inadvertently left connected to the faucet. The faucet will still freeze, however it will not rupture. As a result, this product prevents water damage even when the hose is attached.

Eagle Mountain is a full service online store. We offer:

  • • Step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for repairing and installing a frost free faucet.
  • • Woodford outdoor faucet parts for all of our current faucets as well as obsolete models.
  • • A selection of hose bibb vacuum breakers to protect connections from contamination in freezing conditions.

Remember that frost free faucets must be properly installed and operated to insure drainage. Improperly installed or operated wall faucets may freeze and burst in freezing weather.

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Before you get started, take a look at our YouTube Video Library to see step-by-step demonstrations on repairing or replacing an outdoor faucet. Purchase with confidence any one of our Watco yard hydrants or frost free faucets.