Woodford 24P Outdoor Faucet With Anti-Siphon Design
Woodford 24P Outdoor Faucet With Anti-Siphon Design

The Woodford 24P is for Mild Climates

The Woodford 24P is a mild climate, anti-siphon vacuum breaker protected wall faucet designed to blend with modern architecture. It is designed for irrigation purposes on both homes and commercial buildings and offers an optional stem lock. The stem lock converts the faucet into a vandal resistant, tee key operated unit.

Woodford 24P – Buy What the Professionals Use

As the official online retailer for Woodford Manufacturing, we carry the entire line of quality outdoor faucets and yard hydrants as well as parts and supplies. We understand that no one wants to waste time or money by installing a faucet that is produced with cheap materials or one that you can’t find replacement parts for. Woodford has been manufacturing outdoor faucets since 1963 and the Y34 IOWA® Yard Hydrant since 1929. Designed for ease of installation and durability, our faucets are the ones professionals depend on.

Why you should buy a Woodford 24 outdoor faucet?

  • We offer detailed specifications on each model of faucet we sell, including the Woodford model 24.
  • Woodford faucets provide years of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance.
  • Anti-siphon backflow device protects from any potential backpressure and contaminated water flowing back into the main line.
  • Optional stem lock prevents unauthorized water use.
  • Repair parts that are readily available.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

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We are constantly updating our YouTube Video Library to bring you simple, concise instructions on how to replace or repair plumbing problems yourself. Purchase with confidence any of our Woodford 24P model faucets.