Woodford Hose Bibs: The Choice of Plumbers and Available Online
Woodford Hose Bibs: The Choice of Plumbers and Available Online

Woodford Hose Bibs are the Best on the Market

Eagle Mountain is the official online retailer for Woodford Manufacturing and carries the entire line of Woodford hose bibs (faucets) and frost free yard hydrants. We provide you with all the information you need to purchase the right outdoor hose bib. Our products have been recognized and used by plumbers since 1929 for their high-quality and durability.

Model 25 and Model 27 - Anti-Siphon and Automatic Draining

The Woodford Model 25 drains as handle is shut off even if hose is attached. Model 27 includes a 50HA Backflow Preventer. These faucets are designed for outside residential water service applications and intended for irrigation purposes.

Model 30 - Automatic Draining - Dual-Check Backflow Protection

Designed for residential and light commercial applications, the Woodford Model 30 will not freeze, even with a hose attached. It drains automatically and our ASSE 1052 listed backflow preventer is field testable, holds against 125 p.s.i. pressure, and features dual check valves. In fact, the Model 30 is so distinctive, a patent is pending on its design. No lead solder is used, and the Model 30 includes Woodford quality at no extra charge. For anyone who has inadvertantly left a hose attached to an ordinary outside faucet and paid the price, the model 30 is a bargain indeed.

Woodford Hose Bibs: We Have Videos to Show You How to Install

We have a selection of Woodford wall faucets suitable for a range of climate conditions. Our frost free faucets are intended for colder climates and can be used year round, even in sub-zero temperatures. Watch our video explanation of how a frost free faucet works, and our step-by-step instructions on how to install one properly.

Why Does an Outdoor Faucet Burst?

We make shopping for all your outdoor plumbing parts and supplies convenient at Eagle Mountain. We offer to our customers:

  • • A Troubleshooting Guide and Tech-Notes for all Woodford hose bibs
    and outdoor water spigots.
  • • Replacement outdoor faucet parts on current and obsolete Woodford products.
  • • Mounting sleeves to help with ease of installation on different exterior surfaces
    such as siding, stone, stucco or brick.
  • • Our Model 19 and 22 hose bibs come with a patented pressure relief valve (PRV)
    that prevents bursting during freezing conditions, even if a hose is
    inadvertently left connected to the faucet.

Your satisfaction is important to us so please call Customer Service at 1-800-308-0864, Monday - Friday from 6:30AM - 4:00PM MST or email sales@eaglemountainproducts.com with any questions you may have.

Eagle Mountain’s Woodford YouTube Video Library contains simple, concise demonstrations on how to replace or repair a broken wall faucet. Purchase with confidence any one of our quality Woodford hose bibs.