How to Replace Tub Drain is Easy with a Universal NuFit® Stopper
How to Replace Tub Drain is Easy with a Universal NuFit® Stopper

How to Replace Tub Drain? Easy With a Universal NuFit® Stopper

We think you will be amazed when you see our “How to Replace a Tub Drain” video using one of our Watco Universal Nufit® Bathtub Stopper and Drain kits. They are less expensive than the cost of replacing a whole drain and require no messy plumbing. Take a look at a Watco Snap-On Innovator® tub overflow plate to match your new drain.

“How to Replace Tub Drain?” Video: Learn About Our Innovative Drains

Our “How to Replace a Tub Drain” demonstration shows you just how easy it is to do, and you do not even have to remove your old drain. The Universal NuFit® stoppers are a simple, inexpensive way to update the look of your old tub and match it to all your other bathroom finishes.

We know sometimes you need more complex plumbing solutions and we carry those products as well. Along with our selection of bathtub drains, stoppers, and trim kits, we offer:

  • • Help with new installation or complete replacement by providing all the details
    you need with our Watco Specification Sheets.
  • • A Bathtub drain diagram to troubleshoot problems with an installation or as a
    guide when ordering replacement parts.
  • • If your repair job requires a full bathtub drain replacement, we carry all the
    supplies and parts you would need.
  • • All Watco products are designed for years of trouble-free service
    with minimal maintenance.

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We are always adding on to our YouTube Video Library to bring you precise demonstrations on how to install or repair drain problems yourself. Purchase with confidence any Watco Universal NuFit® Stopper or Trim kits and watch our video on “How to Replace Tub Drain?”