Outdoor Faucet Parts from Woodford to Repair Faucets or Hydrants.
Outdoor Faucet Parts from Woodford to Repair Faucets or Hydrants.

Outdoor Faucet Parts – We Have Everything You Need In Stock

Eagle Mountain wants to save you time from running store to store looking for the right outdoor faucet parts. We make it easy for our customers by carrying all the Woodford replacement faucet parts to fix or upgrade any of our Woodford yard hydrants or faucets. Keep in mind, that repairs on our hydrants can be done without having to remove the unit.



Faucet Parts From Woodford: We Show You How to Upgrade or Repair

Our website is filled with information and instructional videos about all of our Woodford products. We know that when you buy a quality faucet it makes good sense to repair or upgrade it, rather than going out and buying a new one. We show you ways to save time and money by giving you the know-how to undertake the job. Then, we make sure you have all the outdoor faucet parts required.

Eagle Mountain provides:

  • • An explanation of how frost free faucets work and how to install one properly.
  • • An upgraded Patented Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Kit that fits our frost free faucets.
    The PRV prevents the faucet tube from bursting in freezing conditions, even if a hose
    is unintentionally left connected to the faucet.
  • • A convenient way to upgrade or repair one of our more popular faucets
    with the complete Woodford Model 17 Repair Kit.
  • • Quick delivery right to your door via USPS or FedEx.

Please call Customer Service at 1-800-308-0864, Monday - Friday from 6:30AM - 4:00PM MST or email us at sales@eaglemountainproducts.com with any questions you may have. We ship the same day on orders placed before 2:00PM MST.

We are continuously adding on and updating Woodford YouTube Video Library to bring you simple, concise instructions on doing faucet repairs and installations. We have everything you need to do your repair, and we sell all genuine Woodford outdoor faucet parts.