Woodford Repair Kits

Woodford "Sillcock" Repair Kit Buyer's Guide

A Woodford Frost Free Hose Bib Will Protect Your Home

Eagle Mountain is the official online retailer for Woodford Manufacturing and carries the entire line of Woodford hose bibs (faucets) and frost free yard hydrants. We provide you with all the information you need to purchase the right hose bib. Our products have been recognized and used by plumbers since 1929 for their high-quality and durability.

A. Model 19 Repair Kits

A. Model 17 Repair Kits

B. Model 22 and Model V22 Repair Kits

C. Model 30 Repair Kits

D. Model 25 and 27 Repair Kits

E. Model 101 Repair Kits

A Woodford Hose Bib is Easy to Install and Built to Last

A frost free hose bib is a requirement in cold climates. In order to safeguard your home and eliminate the risk of frozen or ruptured pipes that can cause extensive water damage, chose from our full line of Woodford frost free hose bibbs. We also carry quality Woodford frost free yard hydrants.

Plumbers know our products and repeatedly turn to Woodford frost free hose bibs that provide years of dependable service and low maintenance. Several Woodford models are designed and intended for year-round residential irrigation purposes regardless of the outside temperature. These hose bibs prevent a rupture during freezing weather when the valve is shut off and the hose removed.

We make shopping for all your outdoor plumbing parts and supplies convenient at Eagle Mountain. We offer to our customers:

  • Step-by-step videos that show a homeowner exactly how to install one of our frost free hose bibs.
  • Detailed specification on each Woodford hose bibb we sell that enables our customers to know exactly what they are buying.
  • Hose bibb vacuum breaker to prevent cross-contamination in your water supply.
  • Replacement outdoor faucet parts on current and obsolete Woodford products.
  • Mounting sleeves to help with ease of installation on different exterior surfaces such as siding, stone, stucco or brick.

Looking for a sillcock or water spigot? Know what a sillcock or spigot is? An interesting fact is that sillcock along with spigot, hose bibb and hose bib are all words used to describe an outdoor faucet in the United States.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us so please call Customer Service at 1-800-308-0864, Monday - Friday from 6:30 AM - 4:00 PM MST or email us at sales@eaglemountainproducts.com with any questions you may have. Orders will be shipped within 1-2 business days. Express orders are sent out the same day if placed Monday through Thursday before 2:00 PM MST.

Our YouTube Video Library has simple, concise demonstrations on how to replace or repair a leaky outside faucet with one of our durable, quality products. Purchase with confidence any one of our Woodford frost free hose bibs.