Why People Choose Woodford Yard Hydrants

A yard hydrant that provides water all year round and does not freeze in the winter is more than convenient for many people, it is a necessity for those that have livestock or manage a farm. Even homeowners that have outside animals like horses or dogs will need access to water all year round. Having a yard hydrant next to your animals, corrals, gardens or flowerbeds is very convenient, promotes efficiency and can even add economic value to your property.

Frost Free Woodford Yard Hydrant

Frost free yard hydrants operate in the winter during freezing cold temperatures because when it is fully shut off with the handle completely closed, the water drains through a valve below the frost line. Yard hydrants continue to deliver steady access to water because the water supply they are attached to is buried beneath the frost line where it cannot freeze and remains liquid. Because the water drains out of the stand pipe below the frost line, nothing is left in the pipe to freeze.

America’s Original Yard Hydrant Since 1929

People have chosen Woodford yard hydrants as America’s best yard hydrant since 1929. Woodford yard hydrants have a simple operating procedure, are easy to install and are time tested for dependability and functionality. Woodford is the most requested brand for frost free yard hydrants, with the Y34 IOWA® Yard Hydrant one of the most popular on the market.

The Woodford Y34 IOWA® Yard Hydrant delivers immediate water flow in sub-zero temperatures for convenient and necessary access to water, often used for filling field spray equipment and watering livestock. Some features of this yard hydrant include a 1-inch hot dipped American seamless Schedule 40 galvanized pipe casing, graphite packing, one-piece variable flow plunger, and much more. All repairs can be made from above the ground without removing the hydrant.

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