Woodford Wall Hydrants: Freezeless, Anti-Siphon and More

Woodford is known for providing some of the best outdoor faucets, wall hydrants, and yard hydrants that money can buy. Woodford offers the finest line of commercial wall hydrants with many features for any type of business installation.

Woodford Wall Hydrants Offer Many Features

Woodford wall hydrants come in exposed or boxed wall-mounted types with single check anti-siphon or dual check backflow protected models. Woodford hydrants and faucets provide the most value-priced products on the market with a wide selection of high-quality wall hydrants and faucets. Woodford provides irrigation solutions for residential homes, industrial and commercial operations as well as yard and utility irrigation needs.

Anywhere water is required, Woodford has a solution with many freezeless options for reliable irrigation in freezing winter months. Woodford wall hydrants provide clean installation to easily blend with modern features and architecture on any style of a commercial building.

Woodford Wall Hydrant Model 67

The Woodford wall hydrant model 67 is a freezeless, automatic draining wall hydrant that comes with an anti-siphon double-check backflow preventer. The Model B67 provides flush mounting solutions in a wall box unit. Both the Model 67 and B67 are designed to easily blend with all modern architecture for an aesthetically pleasing installation on various types of office buildings, schools, restaurants, apartments, hotels, and industrial and retail buildings.

Woodford Wall Hydrant Model 68

The Woodford wall hydrant model 68 is a freezeless, automatic draining hydrant with an integral, unique, locking head cover and has backflow protection. The Model 68 is known as The Undercover Hydrant® and easily blends in with modern architecture for easy installation on a wide range of commercial, industrial, and retail buildings, apartments, motels, and more. Features include automatic draining even with a hose attached, a one-piece plunger to control the drain and flow function, a solid 3/8” brass operating rod, dual copper casing tubes designed with a slope, and works well in pressure up to 125 psi.

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BuyEagle.com offers the complete Woodford and Watco product lines. Woodford is recognized for providing high-quality faucets and hydrants, including yard hydrants and commercial wall hydrants with freezeless, anti-siphon, and backflow-protected models. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the many benefits of installing a Woodford wall hydrant.