Quality Woodford Plumbing Parts with Stellar Service

Woodford Manufacturing Company is recognized as the leading manufacturer of commercial wall, roof and yard hydrants and outdoor spigots. Woodford plumbing products exceed professional plumbing standards and expectations as they are designed by plumbers, for plumbers. Woodford plumbing products are manufactured to provide the greatest value with best-in-class plumbing parts and resources to set every installation up for success.

Woodford plumbing products include Wall faucets, wall hydrants, yard hydrants, repair and replacement parts for faucets and hydrants, vacuum breakers, and repair parts.

Woodford Model 14 and 17 Wall Faucets and Repair Parts

Woodford Model 14 and 17 wall faucets are the most popular on the market, with the valve stem assemblies available for replacement when needed. The wall faucet pressure relief valve (PRV) repair kit helps to protect the tubing in the faucet from bursting even if it is connected during freezing conditions.

Woodford Y34Yard Hydrant Repair Kits

Woodford plumbing products come with repair kits available for faucets and yard hydrants. The yard hydrant repair kit includes a rod stem, packing nut, and support washers with other replacement parts available such as the handle.

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