Protect Your Outdoor Faucet in Winter: 3 Things You Can’t Forget

Homeowners should do a few things to winterize their home when living in climates with cold winter weather. Inspecting the seals around your doors and windows and adding weather stripping, caulk, or a window insulation kit will help to keep the chill out of your home and improve heating energy costs. One thing you cannot forget is to take care of things outside the home, especially your outdoor wall faucets.

Remove Your Garden Hose from the Woodford Model 17

Popular residential outdoor wall faucets like the Woodford Model 17, Anti-Siphon freezeless outdoor faucet, are designed for residential irrigation all year round even in cold temperatures. This type of outdoor faucet will not burst as long as you remove your garden hose from the faucet before it freezes. It is important to disconnect your hose prior to freezing conditions or you could experience serious water damage if the pipes freeze.

When liquid water freezes into a solid ice form, it requires nearly 10% additional space to expand. Your plumbing pipes and pipes leading to your faucet do not leave room for expansion which results in the pipe bursting. Frozen pipes that burst require replacing your plumbing, repairing your outdoor faucet and results in water damage to your home or belongings.

Close the Shut-Off Valve

Your Woodford Model 17 outdoor wall faucet should have a shut-off valve inside the home, set back from the outer wall. Close the shut-off valve to stop the flow of water to your outdoor faucet if you have one, some older homes may not have a shut-off valve.

Drain the Faucet

After you disconnect your hose and close the shut-off valve, you should drain any residual water from your faucet by turning the handle to let any residual water drain out of the pipe. The Woodford Model 17 Anti-Siphon freezeless faucet should be installed with a slight downward pitch to easily drain any residual water.

Additional winterizing measures could help to protect your pipes in the winter such as sealing any open spaces or gaps in the foundation that allow cold air to circulate near your pipes. If you experience a frost damaged outdoor wall faucet or need faucet repair parts, will help you determine exactly what you need to fix or replace your faucet.

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