Woodford Manufacturing: The Plumbers Choice

Woodford Manufacturing Company was founded in 1929, and is a division of WCM Industries, Inc., delivering World Class Manufacturing. Woodford is a leading industry supplier of wall hydrants, wall faucets, backflow preventers, vacuum breakers, and yard hydrants. Plumbers choose Woodford Manufacturing for high-quality plumbing and irrigation products that prevent backflow, bursting and leaks.

Some of the most popular Woodford Manufacturing products include the:

  • Model 19 Anti-Siphon, Anti-Burst Faucet – features Woodford’s patented pressure relief valve (PRV), this faucet may freeze but is guaranteed not to burst if a hose is inadvertently left connected to the faucet.
  • Model 22 Hot and Cold Freezeless Faucet – features a hot and cold faucet with patented PRV to prevent bursting. The V22 model provides the same benefits and features in a vertical design.
  • Model 30 Freezeless, Automatic Draining Faucet – drains automatically with or without a hose attached, for residential or light commercial outdoor water service.
  • Model Y34 IOWA® Yard Hydrant – provides immediate water flow even in sub-zero temperatures. Most popular yard hydrant for lawn and garden care, providing water to livestock, or cleaning equipment and tools.

Woodford Manufacturing is also known for providing detailed specifications and instructions for easy installation, repair, or replacement. Woodford makes it easy to learn more about how frost free faucets work, how to mount and install faucets and hydrants, and how to obtain obsolete parts needed for repair.

Watco Manufacturing Company

Watco Manufacturing Company is also a division of WCM Industries, Inc., and is a leading manufacturer of bathtub drains, waste, tub stoppers, trim kits and lavatory sink drains. Watco is the choice of plumbers for high-quality bath drain and plumbing products designed for long lasting performance and easy installation to save you time and money.

If you are tired of leaking faucets, faucets that freeze and burst or hydrants that do not supply the most essential nutrient for life, flowing water when you need it, learn why Woodford Manufacturing and Watco deliver the solutions you can rely on.

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