Fix Your Tub with Watco Waste and Overflow Solutions

It’s easy to fix your tub whether you need to repair or replace tub parts with Watco waste and overflow tub drain solutions. If you have a tub stopper that does not work properly, a broken tub strainer body, or a corroded overflow plate, Watco has the solution. Watco makes tub drain repair a snap with quality products that provide long lasting performance and are easy to install.

Even if you just want to upgrade the look of your tub, Watco provides the easiest tub drain replacement products that will give you a shiny, brand-new looking tub in minutes. From replacement stoppers, to overflow plates, assemblies and trim, Watco is the name recognized by plumbers for quality tub drain waste and overflow solutions.

Watco Complete Tub Waste and Overflow Trim Kits

Watco waste and overflow solutions include complete tub drain trim kits with a universal fit for most coarse-thread strainer bodies. Watco’s universal waste drain trim kit features:

  • No reduction in flow rate
  • Covers existing trim, no need to pull out existing strainer body
  • Eliminates possible cross-threading and labor to remove old drain
  • Easy install on rough-in for professional look
  • Thin trim kit cover at .03” will not create a water dam
  • Includes O-ring for a tight fit
  • Silicone adhesive included if needed to install over broken crossbars
  • Push pull stopper includes a reversible 3/8-in or 5/16-in pin
  • Choose from many decorative finish options

Learn more about how to install Watco waste and overflow products with easy to follow online video tutorials.

Watco Push-Pull Stopper for Waste Drain Solutions

Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is a push pull stopper with a built-in grid strainer and is one of the easiest bathtub replacement stoppers available. This easy to install stopper comes with a reversible pin to screw into either a 3/8-in or 5/16-in drain hole, and if your crossbar is broken, corroded, or missing, you can still install it right over your tub drain with the included silicone adhesive.

Watco Strainer Bodies

If you do need to replace your strainer body, Watco offers fine-thread strainer bodies, coarse-thread strainer bodies, and brass bushings for drain bodies.

Watco Overflow Plates

Your tub overflow plate plays an important role in preventing a flooded bathroom and diverting water before it spills over the side of your tub. Your overflow plate can also make or break the look of a clean, beautiful bathtub if it is old and corroded. It’s easy to replace your overflow plate with Watco overflow plates and screws. The Innovator Snap-On overflow plate is easy to install and comes in the finish of your choice to upgrade the look of your tub with a modern, sleek look. is your one stop to find all Watco tub waste and overflow product solutions. We are the premier online retailer for Watco and Woodford hydrants and faucets, offering quality products and exceptional customer service. Contact us with any questions on Watco waste and overflow products or installation.