The Quickest Way to Install a New Watco Tub Stopper

We all have some home improvements we would like to do, when we get around to it, when we have the time. It is easy to tell ourselves that we’ll get to that tomorrow, there just is not enough time in the day. To fix that leaky faucet, to repair a faulty door, window, or patch of drywall that has been staring us in the face for days, weeks, months or more. Well, we have some good news if the one thing you have been putting off is to repair a faulty bathtub stopper.

Watco is a name known and trusted by professional plumbers as well as the average do-it-yourselfer who is not afraid to tackle those home improvement jobs. Even if you have never been a DIY kind of person, the Watco tub stopper makes it easy for anyone to replace a bathtub stopper. You can impress yourself, your friends and family and start calling yourself a DIY weekend warrior with the simplest bathtub replacement stopper on the market.

Here is the quickest way to replace that faulty tub stopper and check one pesky task off your home improvement repair list.

How to Remove Your Current Tub Stopper

The first thing to do when replacing a bathtub stopper is to remove your current tub stopper. is the leading premier online retailer for the Watco tub stopper and bathtub plumbing repair and replacement parts, offering the full product line as well as online instructional videos to show you just how quick and easy it is to replace that faulty tub stopper.

The Watco tub stopper is the quickest way to enjoy a brand-new bathtub drain and it can be accomplished literally in just minutes. Watch this video on the Most Common Bathtub Stopper Removal Techniques and see for yourself why the Watco tub stopper is the easiest and quickest tub stopper replacement on the market. With the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix bathtub stopper, you don’t even have to remove your existing tub drain, just remove the stopper and install a new one in just minutes, even if you have broken crossbars in your drain.

Install a New Watco Tub Stopper

Once you get your current tub stopper removed, watch this short Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix Bathtub Stopper Instructional Video to see just how quick and easy it is to install a new Watco tub stopper. The Watco tub stopper replacement is quick, simple and straight-forward, making it the #1 tub stopper replacement for easy installation, beauty and durability. Anyone, whether you have ever used a tool in your life or not, can replace your tub stopper with the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix tub stopper replacement.

Let show you how easy it is to check this task off your list and upgrade your bathtub today. is your one source for all Watco tub repair products as well as the most well-known faucets and hydrants from Woodford Manufacturing. We carry only high-quality products known for long lasting performance and durability. is your one stop for Watco tub repair parts and Woodford faucets and hydrants. We are set apart from other suppliers with our commitment to your total success and satisfaction by offering exceptional customer service and a comprehensive video library for your assistance. Contact us with any questions and stop putting off your bathtub upgrade with the quickest and easiest replacement Watco tub stopper.