Watco Plumbing Solutions for Bathtub Upgrades

Watco is headquartered in Independence, MO and is recognized as a leading manufacturer of bathtub drains, bath waste, tub trim kits and lavatory drains. Watco products have revolutionized bathtub plumbing products with more than 100 patents and mission to cater to the needs of plumbers with products that save time and money.

Products such as Watco’s Flex Bath Waste tub waste drain actually bends to adjust for any misalignment between the drain and the bathtub overflow. This is the perfect product for buildings with concrete floors where there is no room for adjustment. The Watco Flex allows for one product with quick installation and no need to use multiple fittings with glue joints, saving labor costs and installation time.

Where to Get Watco Plumbing Products

BuyEagle.com is your one stop for all Watco plumbing products as the premier online retailer, offering quality products, repair parts, exceptional customer service and an extensive online video library. You can find the full product line of Watco plumbing parts and tub drains with a wide selection of model types and finish options. Watco makes it easy to replace worn out looking bathtub plumbing parts like tub stoppers, overflow plates and waste drains.

The SimpliQuick Tub Fix® is an easy solution to replace nearly any bathtub drain with a universal fit and allows for installation right over your current bathtub drain, even if the crossbars are broken or missing. This innovative tub stopper replacement installs in just minutes and you can get the trim kit for a matching overflow plate to quickly upgrade the look of your entire bathtub. Since you can install without removing your current strainer body, this is a quick and easy stopper replacement with no risk of damage to your existing drain.

BuyEagle.com is the premier online retailer for Watco plumbing parts and Woodford faucets and hydrants. The Woodford Y4 IOWA® Yard Hydrant delivers reliable water flow in freezing, sub-zero temperatures and is one of the most popular yard hydrants available.

BuyEagle.com is your trusted source for quality Watco plumbing and Woodford faucets and hydrants. We offer repair parts and video instruction for your success and total satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of Watco plumbing products.