Announcing the Watco Innovator Overflow Plate

Bathtub overflow plates can often become tarnished, corroded and unsightly. Bathtub repair projects are a common household nuisance that are often put off for lack of a quick, reliable and economical solution. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money for a professional plumber or spend half a day repairing bathtub plumbing.

Replacing your bathtub overflow plate is easier than you think with the revolutionary Watco Innovator overflow plate. The Innovator Snap-On overflow plate quickly transforms the look of your entire tub. This revolutionary tub repair product by Watco converts a trip lever, one hole or two hole overflow plate with easy installation.

Installing a new tub overflow plate along with a brand-new shiny tub stopper is the best way to instantly improve the look of your entire tub and give sparkling, new appeal to your bathroom. The Watco Innovator Snap-On overflow plate and SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix push pull stopper provide the easiest and most economical way to replace your bathtub fixtures with no extensive plumbing required.

Watco Innovator Overflow Plate and Trim Kits

The Watco Innovator overflow plate kit includes the snap on overflow plate, a black retainer star nut and the H bar adapter. A bolt is required to secure the retainer nut behind the H bar adapter and is not included because you should use your existing bolts with your existing H bar adapter for any trip lever, one hole or two hole overflow plate.

Watco offers this simple solution along with many other bathtub trim kits to meet the demands of both residential and commercial consumers. A wide selection of bathtub stoppers, overflow plates, drain assemblies and trim kits are available in nearly any finish imaginable to match any decor. Other bathtub trim kits include:

The SimpliQuick Tub Fix® tub trim kit - this trim kits also provides simple solutions with no extensive plumbing and no need to remove an existing strainer body. Available in various finishes, the push pull stopper comes with two methods of installation including a reversible post to fit most crossbars or a silicone adhesive application for drains with broken crossbars.

The Innovator lift and turn trim kit - the lift and turn trim kits include the Watco Innovator Snap-On overflow plate and the ever popular lift and turn stopper.

These bathtub trim kits and many others are available to match the wide selection of Watco bathtub stoppers in any finish such as chrome plated, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze.

Why Watco Offers the Easiest Tub Repair Solutions

Watco is a name trusted by professionals who demand durable and reliable plumbing products which provide the most value. Watco offers a wide selection of bathtub repair products which deliver maximum value with innovative time-saving solutions at the most economical price. Professionals and experienced do-it-yourselfers know that Watco offers the best value with innovative and economical bathtub drain products.

We make any tub repair project easy whether you are repairing broken drains, replacing a faulty stopper or simply updating the look of your tarnished bathtub fixtures. Within minutes you can enjoy a shiny new bathtub with a clean and sparkling appeal.

Where to Find Watco Bathtub Repair Products

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