Watco Bathtub Drain Parts in Brushed Nickel

Are you tired of your dull, dingy, worn-out looking bathtub stopper and overflow plate? It’s easy to replace your bathtub fixtures and upgrading to Watco bathtub drain parts in brushed nickel provides a modern look with a softer, subtle finish. Brushed nickel goes well with any decor with an etched brushed finish, a matte sheen, and a protective lacquer coating for long-lasting durability.

What’s the Difference between Brushed Nickel and Chrome?

Many bathtub fixtures and kitchen faucets come with a chrome finish that can be described like a shiny mirror. It is light, bright, shiny and reflective and one of the most popular choices of finish options. Brushed nickel provides a softer looking, slightly brushed finish with a semi-satin appearance.

Watco bathtub drain parts in brushed nickel are one of the most durable finishes available and it tends to maintain a beautiful appearance a little longer than chrome. Most wear noticed on brushed nickel bathtub drain parts comes from using incorrect cleaning products over time rather than wear and tear directly affecting the finish. You can simply use warm soapy water to clean your brushed nickel drain parts and avoid harsh cleaning chemicals.

Brushed nickel tends to blend nicely with stainless steel so if your bathroom lavatory faucets are in this finish option, upgrading your tub with Watco bathtub drain parts brushed nickel will be a nice, complementing touch. Chrome finish choices have been around for decades and are quite popular although they are known for showing every fingerprint even though they clean off easily. Brushed nickel is just as easy to clean, although it does a better job than chrome at disguising marks and fingerprints.

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