Watco Bathtub Drain Closure Solutions

Watco is recognized as a leading supplier of high quality bathtub drain products and drain closures with a wide selection of bathtub stoppers. Watco bathtub stoppers fit almost any bathtub with many providing a universal fit like the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix. Watco makes it easy to repair and replace tub drain closures yourself that look beautiful and last for years, without the need to call a professional plumber.

Types of Watco Bathtub Stoppers

SimpliQuick® Tub Fix

Watco bathtub stoppers come in a variety of types in many different beautiful finish options. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix tub stopper installs in just minutes and can even install right over your existing drain, without the need to remove your bathtub drain.

Lift And Turn Tub Stopper

This type of tub stopper is just like it sounds, a stopper that pulls up and twists to lock in an open position, and easily rotates to close it.

Push Pull® Tub Stopper

Watco’s push pull bathtub stopper is an easy to use tub drain closure that opens by simply pulling up on it and closes by pushing it back down.

Foot Actuated Tub Stopper

This is easy to use if you typically take a shower all the time and are standing. You can just tap the bathtub stopper with your foot to pop it open or step on it again to close it.

Watco bathtub drain closures are available in these various models in a wide selection of finish options to match your current bathroom décor. You can choose a new tub stopper and trim kit with a matching overflow plate to complete the look of your tub with beautiful new fixtures. Whether replacing a broken or corroded tub stopper or renovating your bathtub for a new tub look, Watco has tub drain closure solutions for you.

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