Watco 610 Bathtub Drain Closure With Hub

The Watco 610 bathtub drain closure with hub provides a solution for tub closures in ABS or PVC piping with a sturdy Schedule 40 fitting and solvent-weld assembly. The Model 610 by Watco comes with a PVC or ABS tub closure (bathtub stopper) in a variety of options. Choose from either Push Pull, Foot Actuated, PresFlo, or Lift and Turn models with a hub adapter that fits over the top of the drain pipe.

Features Of Watco 610 Bathtub Stopper with Hub

The Model 610 by Watco is a durable, Schedule 40, 1 ½” fitting that features a 1 ¼” metal strainer body for reliable functionality you can count on for many years. Added features include a theft-resistant stopper and a drip-proof, replaceable Buna-N-Seal upon purchase. This sturdy Watco tub stopper with hub is ideal for use in rental properties, hotels, and motels for long-lasting, reliable tub closure fittings that last.

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