Tub Overflow Plate Installation

Upgrading the look of your bathtub is simpler than you think when you know the easiest tub overflow plate installation methods. Your bathtub overflow plate provides a safety feature which helps to channel water back through the drain pipes in the event your tub may overflow and spill out the sides of the tub. Over time, this overflow plate may begin to look dingy or corroded, which can affect the overall look of your tub.

The Watco Innovator Snap-On bathtub overflow plate makes it easy to replace your tub overflow plate and transform the look of your bathtub. All bathtubs have an overflow plate with most attached by two screws on the front of the cover, which attaches the plate cover to the flange of the drain pipe. Some overflow plates do not show any visible screws, these are more common on the tubs with a lift and turn style of bathtub stopper.

Remove Your Existing Tub Overflow Plate

It’s easy to remove your existing bathtub overflow plate, no matter the type or style of overflow plate you currently have. For tubs with 2 visible screws, simply unscrew the two screws holding your overflow plate in place and carefully remove the cover. If you have a pop-up style of tub stopper or a plunger style that goes through the overflow plate, be aware that removing your overflow plate will pull out the attached stopper as well. If this is the case, you’ll want to have a bucket and a rag handy to set your old fixtures into without dirtying your tub.

If your overflow plate does not show any visible screws, you may be able to simply unscrew it from the flange. There may be a set screw holding it in place which you can access through the bottom edge of the overflow plate. Feel under the bottom edge for a screw and remove with the right type of screwdriver. Once the screw is removed, you should be able to grab and turn counter-clockwise to unscrew from the pipe threads.

Quick and Easy Tub Overflow Plate Installation

With your existing overflow plate removed, it’s easier than ever to install the new Watco Innovator Snap-On tub overflow plate. The Innovator tub overflow plate comes with a black retainer nut and adapter bar to quickly install over your drain with a flathead screwdriver. Once the retainer nut is in place, simply snap on the Innovator over flow plate with the opening facing downward.

It’s really very simple to transform the look of your tub with a shiny new overflow plate. If your tub stopper and drain need an overhaul, the SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix trim kit by Watco includes everything you need to replace your drain, stopper and tub overflow plate. Whether just upgrading the look of your tub or replacing broken fixtures, the trim kit includes everything you need for a beautiful looking tub with a functional mesh cover drain and matching overflow plate.

Choose from a variety of finishes in Chrome Plated, Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze to match any décor. It’s easy to convert a 1-hole, 2-hole or a trip lever style of overflow plate with a beautiful new Innovator Snap-On Overflow Plate in only minutes. Make your tub beautiful again and upgrade the look of your entire bathroom with a sparkling new look for your tub.

Tub Overflow Plate Installation Video

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