The Many Benefits of a Watco Tub Overflow Drain

A tub overflow drain is an important asset in a bathroom and provides the main function of preventing flooding when overfilling a bathtub. A bathtub overflow drain diverts excess water from the bathtub to prevent overflowing if the faucet is accidentally left on. A properly installed overflow drain also helps to maintain a consistent, maximum level of water in the bathtub.

An easy to install tub overflow drain like the Innovator bath waste drain and overflow kit from Watco includes the tub stopper, piping, drain, and overflow and is available in tubular plastic, flexible, schedule 40 or tubular brass.

Why Your Tub Overflow Drain Is so Important

Because your overflow drain diverts excess water out to your main tub drain instead of overflowing over the side of your tub, this one drain prevents costly water damage to your entire bathroom including floors and walls. Flooding any room in your house can require a remodel and replacing floors and drywall to prevent mold and mildew, weak or damaged structures. Using quality bathtub drain products from an industry leader like Watco can help prevent water damage from an overflowing tub.

Types of Tub Overflow Drains

Depending on the age of your home or bathtub, you may have one of two types of bathtub overflow drains, either Traditional or Integral. A traditional overflow drain was common in older homes and requires some flexibility for installation.

An integral overflow drain is similar to a sink overflow with an opening on the interior of the bathtub with excess water diverted between the walls of the bathtub drain.

Parts of an Overflow Drainer

An overflow drain consists of the overflow pipe, the trap, the waste arm, and tub stopper as well as the overflow cover, washer, screws, drain elbow and rubber Gasket.

All of these mechanisms work together to protect your bathtub and your bathroom. The Watco Innovator Snap-On Overflow plate gives your tub a fresh, modern look.

Installing A Watco Tub Overflow Drain

Watco offers a wide selection of bathtub overflow drain kits and parts. Watco innovator overflow drains fit most bathtubs 14 to 24+ inches deep. You can choose from a wide selection of tubular PVC and polypropylene direct drains and various types of tub stoppers. is the premier online retailer for Watco tub drain parts offering the full Watco product line along with exceptional customer service and support including online how-to videos for installation and repairs. We offer Watco and Woodford outdoor faucets including frost free faucets and hydrants known for long-lasting quality performance. Contact us with any questions on replacing or repairing your tub overflow drain.