Here’s a Tub Drain Repair Kit for Any Bathtub Repair Job

Fixing a bathtub drain does not have to be a dreaded problem that we keep putting off. With a tub drain repair kit for any bathtub problem, has the solution for nearly any tub fix requirement. Whether you need to fix a slow draining tub, replace a faulty stopper or a dingy overflow plate, we have the parts you need for a quick and painless tub repair project. In addition to quality tub drain repair parts, our online video library will show you how to do just about any tub repair job nee

Replacement Bathtub Stoppers

We have the bathtub replacement stopper to fit any tub, in the finish of your choice to completely upgrade the look and function of your bathtub. If you need a quick fix, the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix installs in minutes, without removing your current bathtub drain even if you have broken crossbars. Consider the trim kit which includes a matching overflow plate to spruce up the look of your whole bathtub, without needing to call in a professional plumber.

Bathtub Closures and Waste Drains carries the full line of Watco tub drain repair kits including the SimpliQuick Tub Fix, the quickest and easiest way for anyone to repair a bathtub drain. Choose a QuickTrim kit with the Innovator Snap-On Overflow plate and additional 11.5, 14 or 16 fine or coarse threaded tub drain closures. We have bath wastes which include the tub stopper, tub drain, piping and the overflow plate. You can choose tub waste drain products in either tubular plastic, tubular brass or flexible piping. is the choice for homeowners that want to get the best value with high-quality products and knowledgeable customer service. We stand apart from other sources of finding the right tub drain repair kit with our numerous videos to help you successfully complete your tub drain repair yourself. is your one source for high quality Watco tub repair products and Woodford faucets including faucet repair kits. We help you with quality products and educational materials as your satisfaction is paramount to our success. Contact us with any questions and to find the best tub drain repair kit today.