Watco Tub Drain Parts for Tub Drain and Waste

Whether you are repairing or replacing your bathtub’s drain and waste, assembly is a snap with high quality Watco tub drain parts. If you are installing a new overflow and waste or just updating the look of your tub, FixMyDrain.com has just what you are looking for. From replacement tub stoppers, overflow plates and trim kits, we’ve got the tub repair solution for you.

Our tub drain experts are here for you to simplify any bathtub drain repair, replacement or upgrade project. If you have been putting off your tub repair to try and figure out the easiest and quickest method, or maybe you are not quite sure how to remove your old, worn out tub drain – FixMyDrain.com has the solution.

Easy Tub Stopper Replacement

With the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, you can replace your old worn out tub stopper in only minutes with no mess, no hassle and no prep-work. Just remove your old stopper and install the innovative SimpliQuick® Tub Fix right over your existing drain. This is the easiest tub repair solution especially if you have broken cross bars. There is no need to remove your current tub drain and no need to screw your new tub stopper into crossbars with the silicone adhesive installation option.

Watco is known for high quality tub drain parts and this push pull stopper delivers with easy installation and long lasting performance. Features of the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix include:

  • Quick installation in under 5 minutes
  • Easy replacement for defective tub stopper
  • Installs over tub drain without need to remove current strainer body
  • Two installation methods; a reversible post 3/8-inch or 5/16-inch
  • or Silicone adhesive installation for drains with broken crossbars
  • Includes a mesh grid drain cover
  • Universal fit for all drains
  • Backed by the Watco name and a 5-year limited warranty

FixMyDrain.com makes it easy to upgrade your bathtub with quality Watco tub repair and replacement products. We show you with easy to understand, step-by-step instructional videos the best way to remove your current tub drain stopper and replace it with high quality tub drain parts. Consider the Watco trim kit which includes a new overflow plate to finish off your new tub look.

Watco Innovator Snap-On Overflow Plate

The Watco Innovator® Snap-On overflow plate gives the finishing touch to any bathtub upgrade with a beautiful new look and easy installation. The Innovator® Snap-On overflow plate provides a sleek, shiny new look and easily converts any trip lever, 1-hole or 2-hole overflow plate in less than 5 minutes.

FixMyDrain.com shows you easy to follow instructions on replacing your overflow plate and all replacement tub drain parts. We show you how to remove your existing overflow plate and quickly install a new one in less than five minutes.

1) The first thing to do is to remove your current overflow plate by removing any screws holding your overflow plate. If you have a plunger or pop-up style of tub stopper, keep a bucket and an old rag handy to place your old parts in when you remove so you do not dirty up your bathtub.

2) Use a flathead screwdriver to install the included black retainer nut behind the “H” adapter bar. It’s then easy to snap on your new Innovator Snap-On overflow plate to finish off your bathtub upgrade. Be sure that the slot on your overflow plate is facing downward.

You can find everything you need to repair or upgrade your bathtub or lavatory sink drain at FixMyDrain.com. We make tub repairs easy with quality Watco products, a name trusted by professionals and do-it-yourselfers that demand high quality with easy installation.

FixMyDrain.com is your one stop for tub drain repair with high quality Watco products and exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to helping you repair bathtub drain problems with the quickest and easiest solution. We make tub drain repair easy with high quality, innovative and easy to install tub drain parts.