Tub Drain Cover Replacement Solutions

Anytime your tub stopper isn’t working right it causes a major inconvenience and may be time for a tub drain cover replacement. A faulty bathtub stopper can sometimes be an easy fix, although the methods to repair a bathtub stopper vary depending on what type of stopper you have. If you have a trip lever tub stopper, it can be a little more involved than removing other common types of tub stoppers.

Do You Have a Sticky Trip Lever Bathtub Stopper

A trip lever bathtub drain stopper can be a little trickier than some others to fix because of the somewhat complex mechanisms involved. When your trip lever bathtub drain stopper seems sticky, like it’s not moving properly, this can be due to a couple of different reasons. It’s easier to fix a sticky trip lever tub drain if you have a few simple instructions.

It may be better to replace this type of tub drain stopper to avoid problems in the future. Replacing it with a simple to operate and easy to install pop-up stopper is a good idea to avoid sticky trip lever problems in the future. Let’s talk about how a trip lever tub stopper works and the best way to remove and replace it, with a smooth flowing, water tight stopper in the future.

How Your Trip Lever Stopper Works

If you’re looking for a tub drain cover replacement and you have a lever protruding from the bathtub overflow plate, you have a trip lever tub stopper. This lever controls a stopper through a rod attached to the lever on the other side of the overflow plate. If you have a plunger style of stopper, the rod attached to the lever drops a plunger down into the overflow drain pipe to stop up the water when raised, thus lowering the lever brings the rod up to release the water and drains the tub.

If you see a pop-up type of drain stopper over your bathtub drain pipe, the lever in your overflow plate is attached to a rod and another linking arm mechanisms that raises or lowers the pop-up stopper. Either way, this type of tub stopper that operates through the trip-lever in your overflow plate can become corroded and linking rods can become shortened over time with extended use.

A plunger type of drain stopper can become stuck in the overflow tube and not move up and down freely. Sometimes an adjustment to the linking rod is necessary to allow the plunger to drop down far enough to completely cover the drain opening. A pop-up type of stopper can get stuck and fail to push up all the way to allow water to drain properly, this is usually what goes wrong with this type of tub stopper. It’s fairly simple to remove a trip-lever style of stopper with just a few tools if you know how to go about it.

Tub Drain Cover Replacement for a Trip Lever Stopper

Here’s the easiest method to remove a trip lever tub stopper for a successful tub drain cover replacement. First, gather the few required tools which are a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench (if needed) and a replacement bathtub stopper. Remove the overflow plate and pull out the connecting rod and the plunger, or continue pulling the linkage leading to a pop-up stopper controlled with a rocker arm. You may have to pull the faulty pop-up stopper and rocker arm out of the drain opening once the linkage is disconnected. Just have a rag or a bucket handy to drop the old parts into so you don’t scratch up the tub.

The easiest way to then replace your tub stopper is with the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix push pull stopper that installs in minutes. You won’t have any problems with a faulty trip lever and the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution comes in many finish options, provides high clearance draining, is easy to operate, simple to install and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Install a New Bathtub Overflow Plate

Install a beautiful, new Watco Snap-On Overflow plate in minutes to replace the outdated trip lever overflow plate. This revolutionary overflow plate will add shine and beauty to your tub with a matching finish to your new tub stopper. Upgrade the look and function of your bathtub with beautiful new fixtures that are easy to install and will stand the test of time.

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