Best Tub Drain Covers to Catch Hair and Protect Your Drain

Having a tub drain cover over your bathtub or shower drain is very important to protect your drain. A good tub drain cover will catch hair before it enters your drain, as well as preventing other foreign objects from falling in the drain like pieces of soap, bath toys or razors. Getting a clogged drain can be more than a hassle, it can be costly if you need to call a professional.

The best solution is to prevent a drain blockage in the first place with a quality tub drain cover.

Why Do I Need a Good Tub Drain Cover?

In addition to preventing a blockage, stopping hair from clogging your drain also prevents a smelly, unsightly mess. Clogged drains from hair build up can create quite a foul odor in a short amount of time. A good bathtub drain cover will prevent a hair clogging problem before it happens.

If you do get a clog from not having your tub drain covered, many people try drain cleaner products but sometimes these do not always work. Especially for a tough hair clog, sometimes having your drain snaked is the only solution and can be difficult and time consuming. Keeping a good drain cover with either a mesh grid drain cover or a push-pull type of tub stopper that has a tight fit and prevents hair is just good preventive maintenance and keeps your drain in the best shape for the longest amount of time.

Where Can I Get a Good Bathtub Drain Cover?

There are a variety of bathtub drain covers and tub stoppers available on the market, although it is worth it to get a quality tub stopper and drain cover from a reputable brand. You need to make sure your tub stopper or tub drain cover fits snugly to prevent hair and debris from falling into the drain while still allowing good water flow.

Watco is the name that has been known and trusted by many for a lot of years and it is the brand that professional plumbers turn to for quality bathtub plumbing parts they know will last. Watco is also a name trusted by do-it-yourselfers (DIY) because they make it easy to install high quality tub drain parts without calling a professional. Watco tub stoppers are available in just about any finish option to match your bathroom décor.

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