Quality Tub Drain Assembly Products by Watco

A tub drain assembly consists of a series of plumbing parts that allow water to drain from a shower or wastewater to drain out of the bathtub. The tub drain assembly empties the water into a connected larger drainpipe. All plumbing parts in the bathtub drain assembly are also interconnected.

Repairing or replacing your bathtub waste drain assembly is easy with quality tub drain parts offered by Watco. Whether you are updating the look of your tub drain, replacing your tub stopper and overflow plates, or installing a new bathtub waste and overflow, you can find all quality Watco tub drain products at BuyEagle.com.

Universal Tub Drain Assembly Kits by Watco

Watco offers a wide selection of high quality bathtub drain assembly kits, replacement stoppers, overflow plates, and complete tub drain trim kits. The best place to find all the Watco products you need for your bathtub repair project are at BuyEagle.com, the premier online retailer for all Watco and Woodford products. Universal trim kits fit almost all bathtub strainer bodies, and completely cover the existing trim without any need to remove the current drain body.

Watco’s bathtub drain assembly trim kit is thin at .03-inches as to not create a water dam, and provides a great look by installing on the rough in. This improves water draining with no reduction in flow rate and includes an O ring for a tight fit. This tub drain assembly is available in a wide variety of decorative finish options, including chrome plated, brushed nickel, antique brass and more.

Easily replace your overflow plate in a matching finish to give your tub a brand-new look with high quality tub drain and plumbing parts by Watco, the name trusted by professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

BuyEagle.com is your one stop for all your bathtub drain installation, repair and replacement products. We offer quality Watco tub repair products combined with exceptional customer service and easy to follow online video instructions. Contact us with any questions and for the easiest solution for your next tub drain assembly repair.