Time to Change Your Tub's Overflow Plate!

Many of us probably never even notice our bathtub’s overflow plate while we are taking a shower or enjoying a nice, hot bath. Some may not even really understand why it is there or what function it serves. But the truth is, the overflow plate serves an important role in preventing your bathtub from overflowing and should be inspected and changed if you notice it is not functioning properly.

What Does the Overflow Plate Do?

Simply put, the overflow plate prevents your bathtub from unintentional overflow that can cause extensive damage to the bathroom floor or the ceiling of a room below. The overflow plate works by connecting the tub’s overflow pipe which allows water to flow through it and out of the main drain. It redirects water from spilling over your bathtub and onto the bathroom floor.

It is generally good practice to change your bathtub’s overflow plate every few years.

How Will I Know if the Overflow Plate Needs Replacing?

As with most things, the earlier you identify there is a problem with the functionality of the overflow plate, the better. A bathtub with a clogged drain can cause the overflow plate to not function properly, causing the water to drain more slowly than usual. If your tub is not draining properly, it could cause water to leak underneath the bathtub and damage the floor or walls around the tub.

There is also a rubber gasket that is positioned behind the overflow plate which can deteriorate over time with normal wear and tear, causing the overflow plate to not function properly.

Replacing Your Tub’s Overflow Plate is Simple!

Changing your bathtub’s overflow has never been easier with the Watco Innovator® Snap-On White Finish Overflow Plate. This simple-to-use system makes changing your overflow a breeze even for the novice DIYer. If you want to give your bathroom a little upgrade, simply choose the matching bathtub stopper for a clean and dazzling look. With the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix by Watco, you can change your tub stopper in just minutes without having to remove your old drain.

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