Replacing Your Tub Drain Stopper is a Breeze!

One of the biggest headaches you can face at the most inopportune times is when your bathtub stopper suddenly stops working properly. Some people do not realize how easy it is to replace your tub drain stopper yourself. If you find yourself dealing with a tub drain stopper that is corroded, faulty, or broken, you can easily perform this task all by yourself, without the need for a professional.

Easily Remove Your Current Tub Stopper

It’s simple to identify the type of tub stopper you have and remove the stopper yourself. You will want to make sure the stopper is in the closed position, then just turn the knob counterclockwise for easy removal. Firmly put one hand on the base while using your other hand to turn the knob and remove the stopper.

Sometimes, there is a set screw underneath the stopper that can be loosened to remove the stopper from the bathtub drain. Just use a pair of pliers or a flathead screwdriver to remove the stem while the top of the stopper is out. If the stem happens to stay in the drain, you can simply use a flathead screwdriver to remove the stem.

Replacing Your Bathtub Stopper is Simple

Watco offers a variety of options to replace your existing tub stopper, like the premium quality lift-and-turn stopper that even a novice DIYer can install in minutes using only a flathead screwdriver. Watco’s lift-and-turn bathtub stopper offers easy installation with a 3/8” pin.

Watco tub stoppers display easy draining and offer simple cleaning and maintenance. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors with matching finishes that will enhance the look of any bathroom and match any décor. We offer exceptional customer service, and a video library of instructional tutorials so there is no need to call a professional to install your new bathroom fixtures. is the premiere online retailer for dependable Watco tub repair and replacement products. We strive to deliver superior customer service and offer simple online ordering. Contact us to learn how we can help you easily replace your bathtub drain stopper in just a matter of minutes, saving you time and money.