Should I Repair or Replace My Pop up Drain Stopper?

A pop up drain stopper is a mechanical device that raises or lowers a stopper in a sink or bathtub drain. In a sink, the pop-up stopper is typically controlled by a visible rod behind the faucets that you pull up on to stop up the sink or push it down to open it up. Raising or lowering the rod closes the stopper to hold water or opens it up to let the water drain. The same type of mechanism controls a pop-up stopper in a bathtub although the lever is through the bathtub overflow faceplate.

While a pop up drain stopper might look complicated, it is a system of linking rods and levers that is fairly simple to repair or replace if you know what to do. If your bathtub is no longer holding water like it should, it’s possible that your pop up tub stopper needs replacement. It may be possible to remove the linkage, clean it, and see where it is corroded or broken to make repairs.

These types of bathtub stoppers are prone to collecting debris or hair, however, and once you remove it, it may be easier to just replace it with a newer type of tub stopper. While it may seem intimidating, you can absolutely do this yourself without calling a plumber.

Removing a Pop Up Drain Stopper

To remove a pop up drain stopper, you should first gather the materials you need which is just a screwdriver and some old rags or towels. You may also want to grab a bucket because when you pull the pop up drain linkage out of the overflow drain it will be messy. You need to remove the bathtub overflow faceplate by removing visible screws. This should allow you to lift up and pull the linkage out of the drain along with the overflow plate.

You may need to rotate the overflow plate to the left or the right to disconnect it and leave the stopper in the right position. When you lift up and pull out the linkage, lay it on your towel or in your bucket to keep any grimy mess out of your bathtub. After you pull the linkage out of the overflow drain, you should be able to remove the stopper from the bathtub drain. Now you can get a good look at the linkage system and connecting rods and determine if you want to try to clean it and put it back together or install a newer modern type of bathtub stopper.

Replacing a Pop-Up Bathtub Drain Stopper

If you decide to replace your pop up bathtub drain stopper, there are innovative products on the market which make it easier than ever before. You can find answers to all your bathtub stopper replacement questions at, along with modern bathtub stopper replacement solutions, free instructional videos and knowledgeable customer support. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution by Watco is truly the easiest way to replace any bathtub stopper.

Watco is a name recognized by experienced do-it-yourselfers and trusted professionals for providing high quality, innovative bathtub drain repair and replacement products. Bathtub repair products such as new bathtub stoppers, trim kits and overflow plates by Watco are designed for long-lasting performance and easy installation. You can literally install a new bathtub stopper in under five minutes with the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution.

Installing the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix Solution

The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is a revolutionary push pull bathtub stopper providing quick and easy installation without removing your existing bathtub drain. You simply take the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix bathtub stopper and install it right over your existing drain. This beautiful and durable bathtub stopper has a mesh grid drain cover included to prevent hair and foreign debris from falling into your bathtub drain.

Even if your bathtub drain has broken or corroded crossbars, this innovative bathtub stopper comes with two different installation methods to address this situation. You can choose the installation method with a reversible composite pin in 3/8-in or 5/16-in to fit nearly any bathtub drain or choose the silicone adhesive installation method which affixes your new stopper without connecting to crossbars. You can’t go wrong with a 5-year limited warranty and a name like Watco.

The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is the easiest and quickest solution to replacing any bathtub drain stopper and comes with a long list of benefits. This is a quick and easy replacement for any bathtub drain stopper as there is no need to remove your existing drain and no need to call a plumber. The Push Pull® stopper is designed with high clearance for easy cleaning and draining and is available in many different finish options. shows you the easiest way to replace a bathtub stopper with high quality products. We offer knowledgeable customer service and free, helpful videos. Contact us to learn more about removing and replacing pop up drain stoppers or any type of bathtub stopper.