Easy Installation of Watco Lift and Turn Drain Stopper

If it’s time to repair your bathtub stopper, the Watco lift and turn drain stopper is a great choice that provides high functionality with easy installation. Your bathtub drain stopper is such a small part yet holds an especially important function, holding water so you can take a nice bath every day. You may not even think about your tub stopper until it stops functioning as it should.

Your bathtub stopper could also become corroded and broken, allowing foreign materials and build up to occur in your drain which causes a clog. When this occurs, it is definitely time to replace your tub stopper. If you’ve been frustrated with a broken, corroded or faulty bathtub stopper you should know that there is an easy solution.

Innovative bathtub repair products today make it easy to replace a bathtub stopper by yourself without the need to call a professional plumber. Watco is recognized worldwide for providing high quality bathtub stoppers, Bath wastes, tub drains and trim kits with overflow plates. Watco offers a wide selection of tub drain replacement stoppers with push pull options and lift and turn stoppers that are easy to install with nothing more than a flathead screwdriver.

Remove Your Current Bathtub Stopper

It’s easy to remove your current bathtub stopper with a little help from your friends at BuyEagle.com, the official online retailer for high quality Watco tub parts and Woodford faucets and hydrants. At BuyEagle.com you can watch easy to follow demonstrational videos that show you step-by-step how to remove your bathtub stopper and install a high quality Watco tub drain stopper such as the lift and turn stopper.

Installing the Watco Lift and Turn Drain Stopper

Watco offers a high quality lift and turn drain stopper that is easy to install in just minutes. You can do it yourself with just a flathead screwdriver and watch the videos at BuyEagle.com for additional information. With the exceptional customer support at BuyEagle.com, quality products and online video library there is no need to call a professional plumber. Save time and money with Watco and BuyEagle.com at your side and enjoy your shiny new bathtub fixtures in just minutes.

BuyEagle.com offers high quality Woodford faucets and Watco tub repair products, exemplary customer service and an extensive online video library. We help you fix your bathtub drain problem with long lasting tub repair solutions. Contact us with any questions and for more information about the best way to upgrade your bathtub with a Watco lift and turn drain stopper.