How to Replace Bathtub Drain Stopper

Learn how to replace a bathtub drain stopper from the bathtub drain repair experts at We show you the easiest method to repair, replace or upgrade your bathtub drain stopper to save you time and money. Stop putting off your tub repair project and get rid of that unsightly mess of a broken or corroded tub drain once and for all.

Whether you need to replace a bathtub drain stopper due to a broken drain crossbar, a dirty corroded drain or if you are simply just updating the look of your bathtub, we have the easiest tub fix solution for you. We offer quality Watco bathtub drain products with step-by-step instructional videos to make your bathtub repair project quick and easy. Watco offers innovative bathtub drain solutions with quality products trusted by professional plumbers and do-it-yourself homeowners alike.

It’s never been easier to repair or replace your bathtub stopper with easy DIY instructions and support. We show you the best way to remove the most common bathtub stoppers and how to install your shiny new drain stopper in minutes with three simple steps.

How to Remove a Bathtub Stopper

The first step in replacing your bathtub drain stopper is to remove your current tub stopper. We show you instructional videos on the easiest way to remove the most common bathtub stoppers. For the most common of bathtub stoppers, keep it in the closed position while turning the knob counter clockwise to unscrew the knob. If the knob doesn’t turn, try using pliers with a rag wrapped around the knob to loosen it.

Once you remove the knob you should be able to easily remove the middle post with a flathead screwdriver, then lift up and remove the stopper from the drain. If the stopper does not come out of the drain, look for a set screw underneath the top of the stopper. Simply loosen this set screw and pull out the old bathtub stopper.

Choose Your Bathtub Stopper Installation Method

The Watco SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix bathtub stopper comes with your choice of two installation methods. A screw in assembly includes a reversible 3/8-in or 5/16-in pin or if you have a broken crossbar, select the strong-hold silicone adhesive method to secure your new bathtub stopper to your drain.

Install Your New SimpliQuick™ Bathtub Stopper

Once you remove your existing stopper and choose your installation method, you’re ready to install your new Watco SimpliQuick™ bathtub stopper. provides everything you need to successfully replace your bathtub stopper with a shiny new drain stopper in only minutes. We offer quality Watco products, a name trusted by professional who demand quality bathtub plumbing products. Combine with our quick and easy to follow instructional videos and learning how to replace a bathtub drain stopper has never been easier.

The revolutionary Watco SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix solution provides many benefits to professionals and the DIY homeowner. Enjoy the following features and benefits for a reliable, long lasting solution to your bathtub drain and stopper problems.

  • No need to remove your existing drain
  • No mess, no prep time, no need to call a plumber
  • Sits on top of current drain for universal fit
  • Easily replaces any bathtub drain stopper
  • Features a mesh grid strainer to prevent debris and hair from entering the drain
  • Provides high clearance for easy draining and cleaning
  • Includes limited 5-year warranty
  • Available in the finish of your choice including chrome polished, brushed nickel and oi rubbed bronze shows you how to replace a bathtub stopper with the simplest, quickest method and quality, durable bathtub drain products. Consider adding the Watco Innovator Snap-On bathtub overflow plate in a matching finish to complete your new tub look. Brighten up the look of your tub with quality, functional new tub drain products by Watco and easily transform the look of your bathroom.

We are committed to helping you solve your tub drain and stopper problems once and for all with quality products, free how-to videos and exceptional customer service. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. We offer easy solutions with proven tub fix products and simple one-piece sink drains for easy sink drain repair. is here to help you solve your bathtub drain and stopper problems with proven, reliable, quality products and experienced customer support. We provide all required materials and instructions for a hassle free tub repair project. Contact us to learn more about our Watco SimpliQuick™ tub fix solution and with any questions on how to replace a bathtub drain stopper.