Learn How to Remove a Tub Drain for Easy Repair

Is it time to repair that unsightly bathtub drain? If you’re tired of dirty or clogged tub drains and short on time for tub repairs, SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix is the tub drain solution for you. Learn how to remove broken or corroded tub drains for easy replacement with simple video instructions from SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix fits right over your existing bathtub drain for easy installation with no time-consuming preparation. gives you everything you need to know about replacing that old tub drain with short and easy to follow instructional videos. No mess, no plumbers, no worries. No need to figure out how to remove your old, damaged drain, determine the diameter, thread count, depth, what a hassle. Do-it-yourself with this revolutionary, no-hassle, tub fix solution and transform your old bathtub drain in only three simple steps. provides free videos on how to remove a tub drain for the most common bathtub stoppers. Transform the look of your tub with a beautiful, functional drain that prevents hair and other foreign objects from entering the drain. Follow these three simple steps to a shiny new tub drain:

1) Remove the existing tub drain and stopper
Watch these informative videos
on how to remove tub drains for the most common drains and stoppers.

For stoppers that pull up and turn, push the stopper down in the closed position, and hold the bottom of the stopper in place while you simply turn the top counter-clockwise to remove. Be sure to hold the base firmly while turning the knob. If the knob is too difficult to turn, you may need to use a pair of pliers to grab ahold of the knob and turn it. Once unscrewed, the stopper should come right out of the drain.

If not, there may be a set screw in the assembly. If there is a set screw, do not remove it, only loosen it. You can then use pliers or a screwdriver to remove the stem of the stopper.

If the stopper comes off but the stem stays in place, you should be able to use a flathead screwdriver to remove the stem.

2) Choose your application method –
SimpliQuick Tub Fix gives two options for installation; either screw in or simply set on top of existing drain and secure with included silicone.

3) Apply new SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix tub drain
Your shiny new drain, with a grid strainer to collect hair and other foreign objects from going down into the drain, and installs in less than 5 minutes. makes it simple to remove a broken, unsightly tub drain and replace with SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix in less than 5 minutes. Consider installing a matching overflow kit for a complete, polished look. Learn more about how to install the easiest tub drain solutions available and how to quickly install the matching overflow plate.

Benefits of SimipliQuick™ Tub Fix

The SimpliQuick Tub Fix gives homeowners and plumbers many advantages in addition to a shiny new tub drain. Enjoy the following advantages when removing your tub drain and replacing with SimpliQuick:

● Installs in 5 minutes
● Fits all drains
● No need to remove the existing strainer body
● Features a grid strainer to prevent hair and other foreign objects from going down into the drain
● Replaces damaged or corroded tub stoppers
● Foot actuated tub stoppers are available – Delete this line, do not want to promote
● Push Pull® stopper with high clearance for easy draining and cleaning
● Does not extend into the drain making it a universal fit for any tub
● Available in chrome plated, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and other designer finishes
● videos make it even easier to remove tub drain and easily install the SimipliQuick™ Tub Fix bathtub stopper
● Limited 5-year warranty

SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix installs with either a 3/8-in or 5/16-in reversible composite pin adapter or with silicone for an easy install over drains with broken cross bars in the drain. Consider adding the Watco Innovator® overflow plate kit which snaps on for easy install, converting one- or two- hole overflow plates with a streamlined, modern look with a matching finish. offers a wide selection of SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix product options, with easy installation and a finish to match any décor. wants to help you solve your bathtub drain and stopper problem, and your satisfaction is paramount. Contact us for assistance and with any questions on how to remove a tub drain.