How to Fix Bathroom Sink Drain Best Practices

How to Fix Bathroom Sink Drain Best Practices

When searching for the best methods on how to fix bathroom drain problems, consider the following best practices. Modern sinks come in many different designs to fit any lifestyle or budget. Whether you are repairing a sink used for clean-up after a dirty job or looking for something glamorous to improve the look of your bathroom, there is a style of sink to meet your need.

Whatever type of lavatory you use regularly, your bathroom sink will require regular maintenance just like everything else in your home. Most upkeep required for lavatory drains and sinks can be done yourself and accomplished with very little investment. Bathroom sink drain repair products today offer many benefits to the do-it-yourself homeowner with innovative products that are simple to install.

Finding a bathroom sink repair product that allows you to do the repair yourself rather than call a professional will save you a lot of time and money. But how do you know which sink drain repair product is the best and the easiest to install? has the best solution with the revolutionary IdealLav™ from Watco.

Watco IdealLav™ Bathroom Sink Drain

Repairing a bathroom sink drain stopper does not have to be such an intimidating project. The sink drain stopper is a pretty simple mechanism which works by lifting the plunger at the back of the faucet, also called the stopper rod, which pulls a small system of levers that pull the stopper down to secure it in place over your drain. A rubber O-ring typically seals the drain opening for a watertight hold in your sink basin.

Most lavatory sink drain repair products require coordination in connecting top and bottom pieces together which is difficult and awkward for a one person job. The revolutionary Watco IdealLav™ provides a simple solution for anyone wondering how to fix bathroom sink drain problems. This innovative product is different from any other sink drain repair product with a one piece solution that simply drops into an open lavatory sink drain.

The IdealLav™ by Watco, a name trusted by professionals, lives up to the reputation of quality products which offer innovative and simple solutions. This simple sink drain repair product is simply ideal, available in a standard 1 ¼ inch diameter by 8 ½ inch lavatory drain. Also included is a grid strainer and a below the grade internal stopper.

The IdealLav™ internal stopper is proven in many applications to successfully hold water overnight. The replaceable grid strainer provides a solution for quick and easy maintenance in the future. There’s never been an easier way to fix a bathroom sink drain then with this innovative solution by Watco.

Features and Benefits of Watco IdealLav™

Watco is known for providing innovative sink and tub drain repair products which offer many features and benefits. The IdealLav™ doesn’t disappoint with this quick and easy solution to fix bathroom sink drains. Some of the most important features and benefits of this simple sink drain repair product include:

  • reliable internal stopper which holds water overnight
  • includes a grid strainer to catch hair or foreign debris
  • the grid strainer is replaceable for easy maintenance
  • IdealLav™ comes with your choice of cast brass or plastic
  • grid strainer is available in the finish of your choice in either oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or a beautiful chrome
  • comes with a five year limited warranty

This simple and easy bathroom sink drain solution includes a grid strainer which keeps objects such as jewelry out of your drain. Watco makes it easy for anyone wondering how to fix bathroom sink drains with innovative and simple solutions. Stop putting off your sink repair project and fix that unsightly or broken sink drain once and for all.

You can find the Watco IdealLav™ at, your one-stop solution for all your sink and bathtub drain repair problems. Provides simple and easy to follow instructional videos telling you exactly how to remove the most common bathtub stoppers, how to quickly and easily install a shiny new tub stopper and how to install the easiest bathroom sink drain system available.

No other bathroom sink drain repair product gives the convenience of the easy installation afforded with the Watco IdealLav™. Stop being embarrassed when company comes over and asks to use the restroom, fix that unsightly sink drain once and for all with a shiny new mesh grid drain cover and easy to install sink drain. is your one-stop for all your sink or tub drain repair solutions. Where are dedicated to your total satisfaction and success. Contact us with any questions on how to fix bathroom sink drain problems for proven, best practices.