How Do You Repair a Woodford Model Y34 Yard Hydrant?

The Woodford Model Y34 has been a national icon since 1929, watering America for more than 90 years. The Y34 IOWA® Yard Hydrant is providing irrigation to remote farms and suburbs across the country from the brutal northeastern winters to the coast of Oregon. The Y34 will not freeze in subzero temperatures and operates oftentimes for decades without needing any repair.

The Woodford Y34 hydrant is time-tested to be extremely reliable, durable, and sturdy.

When your Y34 yard hydrant does need repair, you can always find Woodford Model Y34 hydrant repair parts at, the one source for all Woodford products and repair parts including Y34 and Y1 hydrant parts. The Y34 hydrant is designed to be trouble-free with reduced wear on internal parts and for convenient repairs when needed at the head of the hydrant.

Troubleshooting the Woodford Model Y34 And Y1 Hydrant has everything you need with Woodford Model Y34 and Y1 hydrant repair parts and a Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide. Find solutions to common issues such as if water is leaking from the nozzle when in the off position, if water leaks after installation, or around the brass stem below the handle. offers the full Woodford product line along with all repair and replacement parts, Model Y34 hydrant repair parts, and YouTube videos showing you how to perform simple repairs for the most common issues. Start by shutting off the water supply to the hydrant.

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