What’s the Best Bathtub Drain Stopper that Actually Works?

When it’s time to replace your tub stopper you may be wondering what the best bathtub drain stopper is that actually works. A tub stopper has a thankless job that often goes unnoticed until it begins to fail on us. When your tub drain is no longer holding water, taking a nice long, relaxing bath is challenging without running out of hot water. If your tub stopper is draining too slowly, it may be plugged up with soap scum or corroded and time to replace it.

Before you go out and buy a new tub stopper, you’ll have to identify which type of stopper you have now, know how to remove it and decide on the best tub drain stopper to replace it with. We can help you with that as we review some of the most common types of stoppers, how to remove them and better options now available.

Common Bathtub Stopper Types

Some of the most common types of bathtub stoppers you’ll find on the market include the Lift-and-Turn stopper, the Push Pull and the Toe-Touch stopper.

Lift-and-Turn Bathtub Stopper

A Lift-and-Turn bathtub stopper is identified by a knob on the top of the stopper that opens and closes by twisting up or down. This type of stopper works well in many drains and is easy to clean by unscrewing the knob and pulling out the plug to remove any accumulated hair or debris. Over time, these can become corroded as any tub stopper could and begin to fail. These will not work in drains with broken or missing crossbars as the plug screws into the crossbars in the drain.

Push Pull Bathtub Stopper

A Push Pull tub stopper resembles the look of the Lift-and-Turn with a visible knob on top of the stopper, although instead of twisting you simply pull the knob up to open and push it down to close. This type of tub stopper works very well with minimal maintenance and should provide years of performance. If your Push Pull stopper is failing or your crossbars have become corroded, it’s easy to replace with another type of Push Pull stopper. Options are now available that allow an installation right over existing drains even with broken crossbars.

Toe-Touch Bathtub Drain Stopper

As the name implies, a Toe-Touch tub stopper works with the touch of your toe. Simply step on it gently to pop it up or again to press it down. A spring mechanism allows for easy operation and similar installation as the Lift-and-Turn or Push Pull. Once again, this type of stopper requires securing into the crossbars of your tub drain.

How to Remove Bathtub Stoppers

Once you identify your bathtub stopper type, it’s simple to remove it with easy to follow instructions. FixMyDrain.com offers easy to follow video instruction on how to remove the most types of bathtub stoppers along with quick installation of new tub stoppers. Typically, all you need is a screwdriver. You may need to use some pliers and a rag around the knob if it is difficult to turn. Always check for a set screw under the knob that may need to just be loosened in order to pull out of the drain.

Best Bathtub Drain Stopper Replacement

The best bathtub drain stopper replacement is one that is easy to install and will provide years of long lasting performance. Even though new tub repair products can make this job fairly easy, we don’t want to do it again in a few months or even next year. Finding the right tub stopper replacement should solve your bathtub drain issues in the short and long term. Watco is a name that comes up most frequently when searching for high quality bathtub stoppers.

Watco offers a Push Pull tub stopper which is easy to install on nearly any size of drain and comes with many benefits and features. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is a testament to the innovation and quality that Watco provides. Just as the name implies, this simple and quick tub fix solution provides many benefits which include:

  • Easy installation within 5 minutes
  • Universal fit over all drains
  • Installs over drains with broken crossbars
  • Simple replacement for any tub stopper
  • Includes a mesh grid strainer to collect hair
  • No need to remove current tub drain
  • Push Pull stopper provides high clearance for optimum water flow
  • Comes with Watco’s 5-year limited warranty
  • Can choose a matching Snap-On Innovator® overflow plate with easy installation

With all these benefits, we feel the best tub drain stopper replacement is the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution from Watco. You can find this innovative product at FixMyDrain.com, where you’ll also find video instructions for easy tub stopper removal and installation instructions.

FixMyDrain.com is committed to helping you fix your bathtub or sink lavatory drain problems with quality products and easy installation. We offer knowledgeable and friendly customer service for your success and total satisfaction. Contact us with any questions and for help in finding the best bathtub drain stopper for you.