Easy Replacement for All Bathtub Stopper Types

When your bathtub stopper isn’t functioning properly it can cause daily frustration and headaches for the entire household. If your tub stopper isn’t holding water, it’s challenging for children to take a bath or for adults to relax in a nice hot bubble bath. If you’re tired of constantly filling up the tub with hot water and using all the hot water just for one bath, it’s probably time that you replaced your bathtub stopper.

It doesn’t matter what kind of bathtub stopper you have now, there is one replacement tub stopper that makes this an easy job for all bathtub stopper types. Watco is known for providing high quality bathtub drain repair and replacement products and the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix doesn’t disappoint. We’ve teamed up with FixMyDrain.com to offer the easiest solution to replace any type of tub drain stopper.

The Most Common Bathtub Stopper Types

The first thing to do is to determine the type of bathtub stopper that you currently have. It’s pretty easy to identify the type of tub stopper you have when you know what to look for. The most common of all tub stopper types include:

  • Push Pull
  • Lift and Turn
  • Toe Touch
  • Pop Up
  • Plunger

The last two on the list, the pop up and the plunger style, are pretty easy to identify as you will see a lever sticking out of the overflow plate that moves up or down to control the tub stopper. If there is no lever protruding from the overflow plate, your tub stopper is most likely either a toe-touch, lift and turn or push pull style. All of these bathtub stopper types can easily be removed yourself without calling a plumber.

If you have a pop-up or plunger style of tub stopper, you can still do it yourself but it is a little more involved because you have to remove the overflow plate and pull out the linkage that connects to the tub stopper. Let’s run down the best way to identify and remove these different types of tub stoppers.

Push Pull Tub Stopper

A push pull tub stopper is just what you might guess, a stopper that you pull up to open and allow water to flow through the tub or push down to close and stop water flow to take a bath. These stoppers are easy to remove, just press down firmly on the stopper base while you turn the knob counterclockwise to remove it. If the stopper will not come out, there may be a set screw underneath that you can just loosen without unscrewing it completely and then the stopper should come out.

Lift and Turn Tub Stopper

A lift and turn tub stopper also works exactly like it sounds, which operates by turning a small knob on top of the stopper. This type of tub stopper opens when twisting the knob counter-clockwise which raises it up to allow water flow and closes when twisting the knob down in the opposite direction.

A lift and turn bathtub stopper is removed similarly to the push pull type of bathtub stopper, by grabbing ahold of the knob and turning it counterclockwise while pressing firmly on the stopper body. You may need to use a pair of pliers (wrap a rag around the knob to get a firm grip) to remove the knob. Then you can simply use a flathead screwdriver to remove the middle post which is threaded into the crossbar, this should then easily pull out of the drain.

Toe Touch (Foot Actuated) Stopper

The toe touch stopper is activated by pressing on it with your foot, which closes or opens the stopper with each touch of the toe. This is also very simple to remove with a flathead screwdriver. Just like with the push pull or lift & turn stopper, turn the knob on the top counter-clockwise until the stopper and shaft can be easily removed.

Pop-Up Tub Stopper

This type of stopper is activated through the lever in the overflow plate, which is connected to a linking rod system to control the stopper. Removing a pop-up tub stopper requires removing the faceplate, which is fairly simple with typically removing two screws on the faceplate. Just remove the screws and pull the faceplate out with the stopper linkage attached. This one might get a little messy so have some rags handy or a bucket to place the linkage in without dirtying the tub. Part of the linkage comes out through the overflow plate, while the stopper should come out through the drain once the links are disconnected.

Plunger Style Tub Stopper

This stopper is also controlled through the faceplate, although the lever controls a plunger that drops down into the overflow pipe. The plunger will stop up the water there instead of controlling linking arms that raise or lower a stopper, although is removed the same way through the faceplate. Simply unscrew the screws on the faceplate and gently pull out the stopper and linkage.

Install a New Push Pull Stopper

We recommend installing a new push pull stopper to replace any of these bathtub stopper types. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix by Watco installs in minutes, even if you have broken crossbars. This innovative bathtub stopper even includes a mesh grid drain cover so foreign materials and hair will not enter the drain.

Don’t worry about broken cross bars or trying to figure out how to remove your old, tarnished or broken drain. No need to figure out thread count or depth, just install the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix right over your drain and enjoy a shiny and functional bathtub stopper. This innovative product provides a universal fit to install over nearly any drain, is built to last and even backed up by the Watco name and a 5-year limited warranty.

FixMyDrain.com offers high quality tub repair products and exceptional customer service. We aim to solve your bathtub stopper problems to your total satisfaction for long lasting success. Contact us for more information and with any questions about replacing any bathtub stopper type.