Is Your Bathtub Drain Stopper Broken?

Your bathtub drain stopper is a handy little device we take for granted when we come home from a long day and draw a nice, hot bath. When our bathtub drain stopper is broken, however, it can throw a wrench into our relaxation time and even get us more stressed out. If you really think about it you realize just how important it is to maintain our bathtub, it’s where you bathe and clean yourself on a daily basis. We should not take this device for granted.

When your tub stopper is broken or just isn’t working as well as it should, no need to fret, it’s easier to fix than you may think. If your stopper just isn’t holding water like it should or is completely corroded, broken or missing, there is a simple solution to fixing your tub drain stopper. No matter what type of stopper you have, we’ll show you the easiest and quickest way to fix a bathtub drain stopper that’s broken.

DIY Solutions if Your Bathtub Drain Stopper is Broken

If your bathtub drain stopper is broken, there are simple DIY solutions that will save you a lot of time and money. There’s no need to call a plumber for a broken tub stopper when armed with the right information and products. Here’s everything you need to know about replacing a broken tub stopper.

How to Remove Your Tub Drain Stopper

There are many different types of tub stoppers and we often don’t pay much attention to it until the bathtub drain stopper is broken. When this happens, you should take a quick look at your stopper and determine what type of tub stopper you have. The most common types are:

  • Push Pull
  • Lift and Turn
  • Toe-Touch
  • Flip-it
  • Plunger style
  • Pop-up shows you with easy to follow videos how to remove the most common types of bathtub stoppers. Once you remove your tub stopper and can get a good look at it, it may be possible to clean with a mild cleansing solution and replace it if it is just a bit gummed up.

If you have a Plunger style or Pop-Up style of tub stopper that is controlled through the overflow faceplate, you may consider upgrading to a more modern type of stopper like a Push Pull. The lever activated stoppers are a little trickier to remove but not too difficult at all for a DIY job. Just remove the screws on the tub overflow faceplate and gently pull out the linking mechanism. Have a bucket and old rag handy so you don’t get your tub dirty. If you are pulling out a plunger style of stopper, the linking arm should come out through the overflow faceplate opening. If you have a pop-up stopper, pull out the linking arms through the overflow faceplate opening and remove the stopper from the drain.

Replacement Solutions When Your Bathtub Drain Stopper is Broken

If your tub stopper is beyond repair and must be replaced, Watco offers the easiest bathtub stopper replacement solution. Watco is a brand known for providing high quality tub repair products designed for easy installation and long lasting performance. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is quickly becoming a very popular tub stopper replacement, with many benefits and features.

The simple to install Push Pull stopper installs right over your drain. No time to measure your drain? No crossbars? No problem. Install this innovative push pull stopper right over your existing drain with a universal fit to install over nearly any size of drain, even on older tubs and even if you have broken or missing crossbars.

Choose from the finish option of your choice to match nearly any décor and pair it with a brand new, matching bathtub overflow faceplate for a quick and easy bathtub upgrade. The Watco snap-on Innovator tub overflow plate is just as easy to install and provides a sleek, modern look. You can have confidence in the name Watco and the 5-year limited warranty. is dedicated to helping you fix your bathtub drain for your convenience and enjoyment. We offer quality Watco products and easy to follow online videos to show you the best way to remove and replace your tub stoppers. Contact us with any questions and for the best solutions when your bathtub drain stopper is broken.