Easy DIY Bathtub Drain Stopper Replacement

Your bathtub drain stopper mostly goes unnoticed, until it begins to not work properly. If your tub drain stopper is old, corroded or just no longer holding water, you do not have to put up with it and you do not have to call a plumber. If your tub stopper is draining too slowly, it could be overly corroded and a good time to replace it. Whatever the reason that your tub is not draining like it should, replacing your bathtub stopper is easier than ever before with innovative tub repair products that are simple to install and take only minutes.

Mesh Grid Drain Cover Protects Your Tub Drain

Some bathtubs that are equipped with a plunger style of tub stopper control it through a lever in the overflow plate. If this is the case, oftentimes the mesh drain cover becomes worn out or the crossbars in the drain that would hold it in place get corroded and leave your drain unprotected. No matter what type of tub stopper you have now, replacing it with a new push pull stopper with a mesh grid drain cover will give you excellent water flow while also protecting against foreign materials entering your drain.

Remove Your Existing Bathtub Drain Stopper

Once you identify the type of tub stopper you have, it is easy to remove it with step-by-step video instructions from BuyEagle.com. This is your one stop to learn the best way to remove any type of tub drain stopper and replace it with a high-quality replacement stopper that you can install in minutes.

With Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix bathtub drain stopper, you can replace any current tub stopper without having to remove the bathtub drain. Even if the crossbars in your drain are broken, this easy to install stopper comes with a simple silicone adhesive that allows you to affix Watco’s tub stopper solution right over your current drain. It is easy to upgrade the look of your tub and improve your tub stopper performance at the same time, in just a few easy steps.

You can have peace of mind with Watco’s 5-year limited warranty. Watco is known for high-quality, the name trusted by professionals. You can find all the Watco tub repair and upgrade products to improve the look and function of your bathtub at BuyEagle.com, the premier retailer for Watco and Woodford. Woodford faucets lead the industry in frost-free hydrants and outdoor faucets, with quality products that last.

BuyEagle.com is dedicated to helping you fix or upgrade your bathtub drain with the easiest solution. We offer high-quality Watco and Woodford products known for durable, lasting performance. Contact us with any questions and to learn how to get the easiest and most convenient bathtub drain stopper replacement.