Watco: Simple Bathtub Drain Plug Replacement

Replacing your bathtub drain plug is easy when you know the right method to replace your stopper and have the best bathtub drain stopper products. Watco Manufacturing is known for providing high quality bathtub drain closures, tub stoppers and tub waste drain products. Don’t let a dingy, corroded bathtub drain ruin your bath or shower, quickly upgrade your bathtub drain with Watco replacement stoppers.

Updating your bathtub drain stopper and overflow plate gives a brand-new look to your tub. Watco makes it simple with beautiful tub repair products designed for easy installation. Innovative Watco bathtub closures allow for a tub stopper replacement without even removing your existing drain strainer body.

Identify Your Current Bathtub Drain Plug Style

The first step in updating your tub with a brand new bathtub drain plug is to identify your current tub stopper style so that you can easily remove it. The most common types of tub stoppers are easy to identify and remove. FixMyDrain.com shows you with simple to understand videos how to remove your current bathtub drain stopper which is most likely one of the following styles:

  • Push pull
  • Toe touch
  • Lift and turn

If your overflow plate has a lever protruding from it you have a trip lever type of tub stopper, which controls either a plunger style or pop-up style of stopper by moving the lever. If your tub drain does not have a visible stopper in the drain but only a drain cover, then you have a plunger style of stopper that is lowered into the overflow pipe to plug up the drain.

A pop-up stopper is easy to identify with a lever that controls the stopper in your drain through a linking mechanism, moving the stopper up and down with each movement of the lever. Once you’ve identified which type of bathtub stopper you have, it’s very easy to remove it yourself.

Quick Removal of Any Bathtub Drain Plug

You can quickly remove your current bathtub drain stopper with just a flathead screwdriver in most cases. FixMyDrain.com shows you with quick how-to videos the quickest way to remove your bathtub stopper. Here is the easiest way to take out your current tub stopper:

  • Place in the closed position
  • Hold onto the base and turn the knob counterclockwise
  • Pull the drain plug top out of the drain

If the stopper top does not easily come out, there might be a set screw located under the knob. You will need to just loosen this screw without removing it and then you should be able to pull the stopper top out of the drain.

Install Your New Watco Drain Stopper in Minutes

Watco Manufacturing is recognized for providing tub drain repair products which deliver both high quality and beautiful style. Watco is the name professionals turn to for commercial and residential tub installation and repair. With Watco and FixMyDrain.com, you will save time and money with high quality products and knowledgeable customer support.

Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is the best tub repair solution for quick and easy tub drain plug installation. With this revolutionary tub stopper, you do not have to remove the current strainer body. The universal stopper sits right over the existing tub drain opening so broken, corroded or missing crossbars are no problem.

Just affix the your new Watco push pull stopper with the reversible post or if you have broken crossbars, you can select to install with silicone adhesive for a long-lasting permanent, watertight seal. It has never been easier to replace your bathtub drain plug yourself. You can have confidence in the name Watco, the 5-year limited warranty and your friends at FixMyDrain.com, dedicated to helping you solve your tub drain problem with a quick, easy and affordable solution.

FixMyDrain.com is committed to your bathtub drain repair solution, your satisfaction is paramount to our success. We offer high quality Watco tub drain repair products and knowledgeable support. Learn more about repairing your bathtub drain plug with the quickest and easiest tub repair solution.