Bathtub Drain Pipe Replacement Easy Solution

Installing or replacing a bathtub requires bathtub drain pipe replacement as well as the waste and overflow plate. Sometimes the steel pipes and the crossbars in the bathtub drain will become corroded and no longer secure a bathtub stopper or drain cover. Whether you are installing a new tub or replacing bathtub drain fixtures, replacing the drain pipe can be a big chore.

You can save money by doing it yourself, although it may take a few hours and it’s easier with two people. This home repair job is a little bit easier if you have a raised floor and can access the tub drain from under the house. In homes with a slab foundation there should be an access panel behind the tub. If there is no access panel, you might have to cut into the wall in order to remove the old waste and bathtub overflow.

Regardless of the access available, the drain pipe replacement steps are fairly similar and require the same tools and materials. The following steps summarize the bathtub drain pipe replacement project, which can be a bit intimidating for the novice do-it-yourselfer. Check with the tub repair experts at before tackling any tub drain replacement project for the quickest and easiest method.

If you are simply replacing your drain pipe because of broken crossbars, a missing or nonfunctional tub stopper or overflow plate, there is a much easier solution.

Tools and Materials Required for Bathtub Drain Pipe Replacement

Be sure that you are aware of all the tools and materials required to replace a bathtub drain pipe which may include:

  • PVC tub drain kit
  • PVC cement
  • Hacksaw
  • Drain wrench
  • Pipe wrenches
  • Silicone
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tongue and groove pliers

Steps Required for Tub Drain Pipe Replacement

Purchase new drain pipe

Before purchasing a new drain pipe, you must take measurements of your existing drain pipe and drain hole. This is necessary to purchase a drain with the proper diameter and length. Be sure to meet all plumbing code requirements and a quality drain pipe will last longer.

Detach assembled parts

It is important to turn off the water supply before detaching assembled tub parts. The tub drain pipes are almost always located behind the tub. The first step is to detach the overflow trim and drain pipe with a wrench. You may need to remove the tub altogether and set it down on a flat surface.

Cut and fix the drain pipe

Now it is necessary to measure the drain hole from inside the tub as well as measuring the new pipe. You may need to use a hacksaw to cut off any extra length as it should line up with the hole of your tub. You need to make sure that the hole in the tub meets the drain fitting perfectly and that the overflow drain lines up before fastening with cement.

Fit the P-trap

The P-trap connects your tub waste drain and overflow to the main pipe with a drain elbow and a curved trap and tail piece. The P-trap should be installed at a specific distance from the top of the drain fitting.

Reattach tub to drain pipes

The pipes will line up perfectly to match the hole in the tub if all your prep work has been done correctly. Watco also provides flexible tubing bath wastes to stop the need for off-sets. Now you can put everything back in place and attach the overflow and the tub drain stopper.

If these steps seem overwhelming to you, you’re not alone! The tub repair professionals at have a much better solution. offers everything you need to quickly and easily replace faulty bathtub stoppers and overflow plates even when you have broken crossbars in your drain.

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The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution from Watco features a PushPull® stopper which sits right on top of your existing drain so broken crossbars are not a problem. This simple and quick solution provides a universal fit for nearly any bathtub drain so there is no need to take measurements of your drain pipe or diameter. This innovative product installs in minutes, with no messy prep work and no need to call a plumber.

We offer a video library with easy to follow, hands on demonstrations to show you the easiest way to remove and replace existing bathtub stoppers and overflow plates. We show you how to install your new bathtub stopper in only minutes with your choice of two installation methods. Choose a reversible post which fits into nearly any size drain to secure your new stopper, or for drains with broken crossbars, choose the silicone adhesive method which provides a permanent, watertight seal.

Choose a trim kit with a matching Innovator Snap-On overflow plate, all available in different finish options to match any decor. Choose from oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or chrome plated to update the look of your entire bathtub. is committed to helping you succeed with your bathtub repair project. Your total satisfaction is paramount to our success which is why we offer quality products, informative videos and exceptional customer service. Contact us to learn more about this innovative quick and easy bathtub drain pipe replacement solution.