How to Fix a Bath Drain that Won’t Hold Water

We’ve all been there, after a long, hard day you’ve been looking forward to a nice, hot bubble bath to wash away your worries. As soon as you start looking forward to unwinding in the tub, you realize your bath drain isn’t holding water. It is frustrating enough to miss out on a hot, relaxing bath to soothe your tired muscles, it is also a frustrating problem to see all of your expensive hot water wasted down the drain.

While a bath drain that does not hold a tight water seal is a common, frustrating problem, it is also a fairly simple one to fix.

Removing Your Bath Drain Stopper

The most common reason that a bathtub leaks water is due to a worn-out or faulty bath drain stopper. Once you determine the type of stopper you have, it is easy to remove it. If you see a lever protruding from your overflow plate, you have either a plunger or pop-up style of stopper. To remove and replace this type of stopper, you’ll need to first remove your overflow plate, and pull the lever towards you to lift the linkage out of the drain. Plunger style and pop-up bath drain stoppers can sometimes need to be readjusted.

You may want to replace your overflow plate if it has become dingy and corroded, and once you install a push-pull stopper, you no longer need the lever to control your tub stopper. Watco offers a simple to install, Innovator Snap-On Overflow plate in a matching finish with easy to install tub stoppers.

If you have a push pull or other type of tub stopper, helpful videos are available to show you the easiest way to remove your existing tub stopper. With the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, that’s all you have to do is remove your stopper, there is no need to remove your current strainer body because the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix tub stopper installs right over your current bathtub drain with a universal fit.

DIY New Bath Drain Stopper Installation

The Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is the easiest tub stopper replacement to install, with simple, online video instruction and customer support from We want to make it easy for anyone to replace their tub stopper, without the need to call a professional plumber or remove your tub drain. With just a screwdriver and a few minutes, you can enjoy a shiny new tub stopper that holds water with a tight seal so you can enjoy that hot, relaxing bath anytime. offers all Watco tub repair products including tub stoppers and waste drain kits, as well as quality Woodford faucets and faucet repair kits. makes it easy to save time and money with high-quality bathtub repair products. We offer high quality products with exceptional customer support including step-by-step instructions. Contact us with any questions to successfully replace your bath drain stopper yourself.