Woodford Manufacturing Company & Watco Manufacturing Company
Woodford Manufacturing Company & Watco Manufacturing Company

Trust Woodford Manufacturing and Watco Manufacturing

Eagle Mountain Products Company is the only official online retailer of Watco and Woodford Manufacturing Companies. Together they represent the leading manufacturers of outdoor water faucets and bathtub drain assembly products with innovative and fresh designs for both residential and commercial use.

Woodford Manufacturing Company’s history began in 1929 when J.C. Woodford bought a company and the manufacturing rights for the IOWA® Yard Hydrant that marked the beginning of the Woodford Hydrant Company. In 1955 the company's product line had expanded into commercial wall hydrants. The company introduced their first residential faucet in 1963. Woodford is today's leading manufacturer in wall faucets, wall hydrants, yard hydrants, vacuum breakers and backflow preventers.

The same Woodford principles of high quality products, constant innovation and excellent customer service were extended to Watco Manufacturing Company when they were acquired in 1986. Watco is today's leading manufacturer in new construction and remodel/rehab projects for bath drains, lavatory drains, bath stoppers, bathtub trim kits and bathtub closures.

Professional Plumbers Chose Woodford and Watco Manufacturing

Woodford and Watco Manufacturing are where professional plumbers turn to when buying products for new installations, repairs, upgrades or replacements. They have come to trust the quality we offer. We are committed to selling outside water faucets and bathtub drains that are guaranteed to save you time and money as well as provide years of trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance.

Eagle Mountain offers:

  • A vast selection of Watco plumbing parts and Woodford Manufacturing outdoor faucet parts
    to help you complete your project whether it is doing a full replacement or just a repair.
  • Products are designed to be both highly-durable, attractive as well as many
    that are a snap to install.
  • A selection of step-by-step videos to walk you through your project.
  • Descriptions for each model we sell along with comprehensive specifications so you know
    exactly what you are ordering and how it will fit.
  • Trouble-Shooting and Tech-Note guides made available for your convenience.

Your satisfaction is important to us, so please call Customer Service at 1-800-308-0864, M-F from 6:30AM - 4:00PM MST or email us at sales@eaglemountainproducts.com with any questions you may have.

We are constantly updating our You Tube Video Library to bring you simple, concise demonstrations on how to replace or repair plumbing problems yourself. Purchase with confidence any of our products from Woodford Manufacturing Company and Watco Manufacturing Company.